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Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

We don't need to tell you how important it is to keep gutters free-flowing. The problem is, your property insurer just might. They're the guys who recommend an annual cleaning and inspection of your gutters. Luckily, Contract Abseiling offers a bespoke roofing and guttering maintenance program which can prevent damage from floods and leaks. Regular inspection can identify defects in the gullies or gutters, so that they can be repaired before expensive problems arise. Our clients are provided with a full report which includes photographs and a schedule of repairs.

Gutters are often the Cinderella of property maintenance, because they are so often difficult to see, and even harder to access. Often the blockage can simply be moss sliding regularly off the roof into the hopper, then the overflow finds its way into the brickwork, and suddenly there's damp and mold in the property. But how to fix the problem when it's four floors up and over your neighbour's glass conservatory? At Contract Abseiling our technicians are used to accessing hard-to-reach gutters on very old, and also very modern, buildings. They take before and after photographs of the blockage to show the client, so they have evidence that we have done a good job. The next step is to clear out all the debris by hand, then repair any loose brackets, dislodged seals or warped plastic, so that the gutters and downpipes are fit for purpose. Contract Abseiling is determined to take Cinderella to the ball.

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