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Qualified Eyebolt Testing and Installation

Our company specialises in the design, supply and installation of fall arrest and rope access eyebolts certified to BS EN795 and BS7883 code of practice guidelines. It is vital for building and facility managers to rely on a trusted company to conduct their testing of eye bolts.

As Contract Abseiling are an abseil and window cleaning company, you can be confident that all testing, installation and inspections have been conducted thoroughly. After all, our lives depend on it! Our clients can fully benefit from having a complete window cleaning or any other abseiling service company to carry out all the works and installations at the same time, proving to be the most cost effective solution.

Periodic inspection, examination and re-certifying eyebolts are safety requirements governed by law. Fall arrest eyebolts must be tested and re-certified every 12 months whilst rope access eyebolts must be tested and recertified every 6 months.

The building owner or facilities manager is responsible for ensuring that eyebolts are correctly labelled with their current certified test date and when it's due. If the certification for your eyebolts expires, it is your responsibility to ensure that it gets serviced and retested as soon as possible. This is because untested eyebolts may fail during use leading to a serious accident or fatality. A building manager knowingly allowing untested eyebolts to be used could be held liable if there is an accident.

Our staff in the specialist eyebolt division are all fully trained and qualified. The qualification certificate can be downloaded from our health and safety page.

Please contact us on our FREEPHONE number 0800 920 2022.