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Bird Proofing, Spiking and Netting Abseiling

Contract Abseiling's pest control service provides the complete solution for all your bird infestation problems. We know that pigeons love to roost where they should not and can make a nice mess of a beautiful building. 

Our professional, pest control technicians come fully equipped to survey your problem onsite and install the right preventative system to eliminate any future bird infestations.

We can access difficult to reach areas and install the right equipment to deter the risk of any potential pigeon roosting spots, e.g. window sills, ledges, beams, rafters, roof tops, signage, pipework, chimney pots, ridge tiles, gutters etc. Contract Abseiling can bird proof them from further pigeon or other bird nuisance!  

We use is humane methods of preventing birds from landing on these potential problem areas.  The birds will not be harmed in any way.  Bird spiking and bird netting are just two of the most common systems we use. Your site may use a combination of both or simply requires a complete new system. Either way, our professional and experienced staff can offer FREE advice.

With our highly experienced specialists trained in getting to the hardest of places to reach, at any height you need, there never has to be a problem with pesky birds again! 

Please contact our office to or use our online enquiry service to find out more.

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