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Window and Cladding Cleaning

High level window cleaning is what we specialise in using traditional window cleaning methods.  No area is too high or too difficult to reach!  A lot of regular window cleaning companies will only specialise in a pole system which can reach a height of approx 70 feet off the ground. Anything that needs to be cleaned that's higher and more difficult to reach – Contract Abseiling has fully trained specialists ready at your disposal.

Building Maintenance

As well as normal window cleaning we maintain any building with high up and hard to reach areas that need maintenance – this can include: painting, removing of mold, repairs, decorating, tiling, internal and external painting, roofing, brickwork, graffiti removal, pest control, and gutter maintenance. We can also reduce damage from floods and leaks through our roofing and guttering maintenance program.  This is something that not all building maintenance companies will undertake depending on the height and access to the jobs that need doing.  With Contract Abseiling you have no fear of that as we can access any area with our team of trained rope access technicians.

Bird Proofing

Pigeons are a problem.  They love to roost where they should not and can make a nice mess of a beautiful building.  They are not an attraction for any building! That's where we come in – any potential pigeon roosting spot e.g. window sills, ledges, beams, rafters, roof tops, chimney pots, ridge tiles, gutters, wooden fence panels etc, we can bird proof them from further pigeon or other bird nuisance!  What we use is a humane method of preventing birds from landing on these potential problem areas.  The birds will not be harmed in any way.  With our highly experienced specialists trained in getting to the hardest of places to reach, at any height you need, there never has to be a problem with pesky birds again!

Cabling and Wiring

Another area our rope access technicians are trained in is cabling and wiring that need to be undertaken for any offices or other facilities.  We install and maintain network cabling infrastructure, fibre optic and satellite cabling systems to any sized businesses and industries throughout London, Herts and Beds.  We focus on your requirements and make sure to deliver the highest quality service and guarantee your networks will run with the maximum efficiency and reliability. With some of the places we have to go with different cabling and wiring techniques, this can only be done by rope access over the side of buildings and down to wherever the cabling needs to be. This means we can also hide or loom any wires better as we have access to higher up vantage points that only our rope access abseilers can get to.

Interior and Exterior Painting

We can transform any environment with paint inside or out.  

Interior – any interior painting project can be undertaken.  We will leave your building looking brand new.  We offer a wide variety of protective, artistic and architectural coatings.  These can include faux finishing, staining, Venetian plasters and Italian plasters. We respect your time and provide updates on the projects as they progress.

Exterior – We give a clear definition of the project, costs and time frame. Preparation is crucial in any exterior paint or stain job for it to be long lasting.  A sound surface must be found and prepared properly for the top coating it will receive.  If we find any structural damage such as dry rot, we will bring it to your attention and appropriate actions will be taken to fix the problem prior to painting.  Where we are different to other painting companies is that we can access these high up and hard to reach areas via rope access and minimise damage to walls etc whereas other companies would bring in scaffolding, cherry pickers or industrial lifts with more risk of damage to property and more expense incurred.

Banner Installations

Our industrial rope access teams are capable in installing banners and signage virtually anywhere on a building or other structure.  We are fully equipped to install a wide range of advertising media.  We include full fitting and installation service, banner charge, decoration rigging and lighting rigging for events, installation and repair of flagpoles etc.  As well as that we include inspection of fabric to check for defects, wear and tear or damage, vital inspection of steel components, cleaning of banners or signage, and cleaning any steel framework and associated rigging.  We also provide building wrap installation for any size building.  All installations of banners and signs will be completed by our qualified rope access technicians. No scaffolding, cherry pickers or industrial lifts are used which would take up more time and money.

Your Requirements

We specialise in high level access.  We have highly trained and efficient contract abseilers, also known as rope access technicians, which are fully trained to undertake any project that you need doing.  From window and cladding cleaning to building maintenance, bird proofing, cabling and wiring, interior and exterior painting and banner installation, we are the ones to call.  We cover everywhere in the London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas.

Whatever projects you have, we are here to do them quickly, safely and efficiently.

We can  work around the times you require and assess any potential projects and give you a quote for free.  

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